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Su Laing

Su Laing

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Accessory Designer, Art Director, Event Producer

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Chronicle Stones is a small company in Orlando, FL that does product development for the licensed goods industry, designs and fabricates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and contributes to local and national fashion entertainment events.
We believe that personal ornamentation is important to the life of a cultured civilization. Good jewelry is never merely an accessory, something worn just to ‘match an outfit.’ Jewelry is a language--a way to pass along history, feelings and values. It is a way to help express who you are or want to become. Learning to select and wear jewelry well should be enjoyable and fun, not intimidating.

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Office: 3501 Grant Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32804 US

Cell: 973-715-1369

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Manufacturer: Chronicle Stones
Marketing & PR: Fashion Quest

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Chronicle Stones: Home base for the design house

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