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Maria Köhler

Maria Köhler

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Educator, Fashion Stylist

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Hello!! I am Maria :) I am an Image, Style, Color Analysis and Wardrobe Consultant, graduated in Germany, and a Color Analysis and Make Up Consultant certified from Color me Beautiful - The Image Consultants - in Switzerland. I have also a Bachelor Degree in Administration with emphasis in Marketing graduated in Brazil.

My goal as an Image consultant is to discover the gorgeous, confident and attractive person hiding somewhere inside of you and to bring it out.

Although there are some people who believe that a good Image has nothing to do with success or happiness, I defend the fact that if you look at yourself at the mirror before you leave your house, and feel good about yourself, the chances that you will act more confident and have a successful day are much higher. The way you dress give people around you an idea about who you are, even before you speak to them and changes the way people behave around you.

The way you care about yourself will tell people how you care about all other things in your live.

Invest in yourself and people will invest in you!

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