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James Novotny

James Novotny

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James Novotny, is an event planner and stylist with a lifelong interest in fashion, art and writing. Born in western Ohio, Novotny is a licensed cosmetologist since 2011 and event professional, graduating from Sinclair College in 2016 where he studied event coordination and the connection between influential marketing and good event presentation. Novotny has worked alongside art and history museums and a variety of nonprofits including poverty awareness and arts education.

In 2016 while finishing his degree Novotny took the time to study fashion design and merchandising in Ohio and in New York at Marist College and Villa Maria with classes including The Design Process, The Mobile Consumer and How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Business. The experience culminated in a week long intensive design and marketing course in New York City with back door tours of designers including Chanel, Dior and Gucci. During this time he has worked both on his own designs, published editorial shoots and has directed behind the scenes of a handful of fashion and art launch events around the Dayton area.

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