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The Power of Networking for Models
By Jennifer Adams on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

With the year 2012 in full effect, we all need to remember the power of networking. Networking itself can be used in many forms - in person meetings, conference calls, industry events, and of course internet media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and countless others.

When you first meet someone, especially clients- you have ONE chance to sell your product - You! When it comes to modeling, how can you successfully convince a client that you are that special something that they need? Here are a few tips on how to do just that!

First, be on time. This first step is crucial because it shows respect to the potential client you are meeting, and also let's whoever you are meeting know to take you seriously. Second, thank the client for meeting with you and make sure you are prepared. For a model, this means to have your portfolio, complete with updated pictures, comp cards, polariods and if necessary, resumes.

When it comes to casting calls- runway or commercial work- always leave either a comp card or headshot with contact information on it. Even if they don't give you a call back, if they are impressed with you, they DO keep your information for future possible work.

The last tip is to make sure you are appropriately groomed in hair, makeup and clothing. Models, I CAN NOT stress this enough! I have personally been to and assisted at several different types of castings, and I can tell you that clients do look at how you present yourself. When it comes to castings, bring a hair tie to pull hair back if requested, limit your makeup - minimal amounts of foundation, concealer, chapstick and a little mascara is perfect. Clothing should be of a solid color, appropriate for your age and flattering to (and showcasing) your figure.

These three tips, if you take them seriously, will put you ahead of the modeling competition! For more information or questions, I can be contacted through Facebook at or on Twitter at !

Jennifer Adams, Modeling Co-Director



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