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Not Just Another Pretty Face (Part 2)
By Mayra Gomez on Saturday, January 14, 2012

If you thought that a pretty face was going to get you a modeling job…think again. In our last article we talked about how a model needs to be well rounded in every aspect of her job. Clients want models who can do a job and do it well.As promised we asked several industry professionals the question, "When booking a model for a photoshoot, TV or runway show, what do you look for? (besides the obvious 5'10" size 4 etc.)This is what they had to say:

"Well let me say we all like them to be 5'10” but I have to be real … I look for a model that I can talk to, communicate and that she is receptive to directions. Also she has to be assertive educatedand her vocabulary needs to be good. It's very important that the model is professional, not showing up late to the appointed time, and looks fresh.”

Designer, Zhanna Kens

"I don't normally have a long term working relation with models, but I have to say that it pleases me to hear that 98% of all my models go to school andI hear them say " I need a back-up plan should modeling not pan out"

Designer, Jacqueline Saldana, Jacka Designs

"When booking models into a project, I look for a look in their portfolio which is what the client is looking for (sorry about the puns on looks). Laymen believe in the industry myth that all models are drop-dead gorgeous, which isn't true. It's about marketable looks which will sell a product or service. In fashion, though, there are a higher proportion of beautiful looks.”

Photographer, Chris Passinault

"Because of my style of shoot... I look for posing in their port first and foremost. Next I look at overall beauty and appeal. And lastly I look for confidence and camera connection. In conclusion...if they blow the phone interview... they blow the chance. I need to hear intelligence, ability to understand and grasp concepts, and excitement! This is my general take on a photoshoot consideration.”

Photographer,Tommy Post

Models, it looks like Knowledge + Beauty = Paid Jobs. Let's get smart in 2012 you don't want to lose out!
By Mayra Gomez



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