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People StyleWatch Holiday Gifts for All
By Tamy Lugo on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Watch and listen to a recent interview I had with the new Deputy Editor of People StyleWatch magazine, Leigh Belz as we chatted about the Florida weather in Christmas time, then she showed me some amazing gift ideas for all of us. From fashionable to practical you can also catch them in the December/January issue, in newsstands now.

With only 12 days left til Christmas day, you may want to consider these thoughtful presents for a co-worker, mom, dad, sister, aunt, brother, your teenager, or your in-laws. If you're doing last minute shopping, much like myself then jump on the pc to order online. On my Christmas wish list I've added these from the People StyleWatch edition:

Hopefully, Santa will grant my wish...

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Feel free to share what you would add to your wish list!
By Tamy Lugo



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