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Not Just Another Pretty Face (Part 1)
By Mayra Gomez on Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011 has come and gone, and with it fashion weeks, photo shoots and the pretty little faces.  That's right, models - this is a wake-up call. You need to get intelligent in 2012.

Fashion & accessory designers, stylists and photographers are no longer looking for just another pretty face. They want models that can not only pose, walk down the runway and take an amazing picture, but who can also speak, sell garments and promote services.

I remember walking up to a model right after a fashion show and asking her the name of the designer she was wearing during the show. Her answer? "I don't know, I just like to walk the runway.” DUHHH…

Beauty may capture attention, but it's wisdom and the love of knowledge that captures the heart…

Next month, we'll be talking to several designers, stylists and models regarding this topic. In the meantime, models, I suggest you "Get Smart” by doing your homework regarding your client, practicing your walk, and being prepared at all times.
By Mayra Gomez



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