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Letter From the President
By Alma Vidovic on Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alma VidovicHello everyone,

Fashion changes in the blink of an eye, and the FIA is here to keep you on the pulse of fashion in 2012. It's our second year, and we have exciting new events, resources and opportunities available to our members. After carefully assessing the needs of Florida's fashion designers, hair stylists/makeup artists, photographers and models over the past year, it has become clear that there is a great need for assistance in the business aspects of our member's companies. Hence, this year's FIA events have been designed to provide our members with the essential information, resources and assistance needed to reach their financial, growth and marketing goals.

Starting off with a Business Seminar in February, attendees will learn about the process of forming a business and what it entails. The following Business Seminars will build off of the information presented at the first one, so we encourage everyone to attend all seminars.We will also be hosting the much anticipated Modeling, Photography, Fashion and Beauty Seminars to present the latest in each industry this year. In addition, we will be hosting FIA's Annual Fundraiser and Expo in the month of August, as well as the Holiday event in December.

Through these events and membership benefits, we are committed to helping our members stay on the edge of the latest in news, trends and business requirements. Our membership benefits are designed according to our members' needs, so we encourage everyone to let us know what they need help with in their businesses and/or careers by following us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and sharing thoughts and suggestions. We are here to help every step along the way. Have a happy, healthy and prosperous year!

Fashionably yours,

Alma Vidovic


Trend Forecasting: Wearable Trends for Spring 2012
By Farah Qureshi on Saturday, January 14, 2012

As we impatiently wait for designers such as Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera and Calvin Klein to reveal their big Spring collections during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in early February, we can't help but imagine what they have in store for us. If you're like me, staying up to date with trends ignites a sense of excitement.

Those who don't work in high fashion on a daily basis may have a hard time pulling off the avant-garde looks that these designers create, even in the most special of occasions. So, let's take trends we will see on the runway this season and modify them for regular wear.

Trend 1: Unusual Prints

Prints change from year to year, but this year, expect to see some crazy patterns. Designers will take these prints and make extravagant dresses that would seem impossible to pull off. You can modify these to be more casual by taking a weird print (I'm talking a floral tie-dye fusion here, yes you can do it!) as a mini skirt, and pair it with a neutral top. Perfect for date night!

Trend 2: Color-Blocking

Ever since we were kids, we were taught to match our colors. Good thing we're all grown up now, because that concept is so 20 years ago. Color blocking is one of my favorite trends to date, and I think it works best on dresses. That way, all of the mismatched colors can appear on one garment. The misconception with color blocking is that it is too obnoxious to wear. Wrong! This trend is actually perfect for work. Take a color blocked dress with a bright palette and throw a dark cardigan over it - this tames down the brightness, but you still get to show off your fun personality.

Trend 3: Funky Nails

Beauty trends are also something we expect to see on the runway. Within the past year, I have become obsessed with nail color. If you're one of those women who keep your nails neutral so they can match with most outfits, go to the drugstore and buy the brightest nail polish available and shock your system out of that habit! It no longer matters if your nail color matches what you're wearing. In fact, strive to make sure your nail color does not remotely match what you're wearing. Try it, and I promise you'll never go back.

So you see, it's easy to modify high fashion trends and make them wearable for every-day.

By Farah Qureshi
Textile & Apparel Management and Business
University of Missouri '13


Oasis shirt dress
$95 -

Jil Sander turtleneck sweater
$791 -

Lipsy cardigan
£35 -

  $191 -


Member Spotlight Jan. 2012
By Sandra Davila Vazquez on Saturday, January 14, 2012

Michele Ebbertz FritzMichelle Ebbertz Fritz, a single mom with a whole lot of talent.  She is a  Master Hairstylist/Makeup Artist at Aacardi, The Salon in St.  Petersburg, Florida. She is also the Beauty Director at the Fashion Industry Association (FIA), and has been a hair stylist for 10 years and a makeup artist for 4 years.

Michelle has been the Head Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist for such  events as the Fashion Industry Association's Fashion Seminar & Beauty Seminar, as well as The Baroque Ball at  the Winter Fashion Ball hosted by Luxe Fashion Group and the Fashion Industry Association.   With her experience, expertise and devotion, Michelle is being honored  as our Spotlight member of the month. 

For more information on  Michelle's services check out her salon's website: or contact her at 727-563-4489.

Not Just Another Pretty Face (Part 1)
By Mayra Gomez on Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011 has come and gone, and with it fashion weeks, photo shoots and the pretty little faces.  That's right, models - this is a wake-up call. You need to get intelligent in 2012.

Fashion & accessory designers, stylists and photographers are no longer looking for just another pretty face. They want models that can not only pose, walk down the runway and take an amazing picture, but who can also speak, sell garments and promote services.

I remember walking up to a model right after a fashion show and asking her the name of the designer she was wearing during the show. Her answer? "I don't know, I just like to walk the runway.” DUHHH…

Beauty may capture attention, but it's wisdom and the love of knowledge that captures the heart…

Next month, we'll be talking to several designers, stylists and models regarding this topic. In the meantime, models, I suggest you "Get Smart” by doing your homework regarding your client, practicing your walk, and being prepared at all times.
By Mayra Gomez

People StyleWatch Holiday Gifts for All
By Tamy Lugo on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Watch and listen to a recent interview I had with the new Deputy Editor of People StyleWatch magazine, Leigh Belz as we chatted about the Florida weather in Christmas time, then she showed me some amazing gift ideas for all of us. From fashionable to practical you can also catch them in the December/January issue, in newsstands now.

With only 12 days left til Christmas day, you may want to consider these thoughtful presents for a co-worker, mom, dad, sister, aunt, brother, your teenager, or your in-laws. If you're doing last minute shopping, much like myself then jump on the pc to order online. On my Christmas wish list I've added these from the People StyleWatch edition:

  • the Faux Fur jacket from Banana Republic
  • the quilted style, leather satchel from Coach

Hopefully, Santa will grant my wish...

Direct Link:

Prefer to see it on your Ipad? Download the issue free
by visiting

Feel free to share what you would add to your wish list!
By Tamy Lugo

Letter from the President
By Alma Vidovic on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello fashionistas!

It is the end of FIA's first year and I couldn't be more proud of our staff and advisors and the progress we have made. Looking back at the vision we had and what we have accomplished in just one short year, I cannot wait to see what the next year will bring. It is amazing what a group of passionate, determined individuals can accomplish when they join forces.

It is such an exciting time to be in fashion in Florida because the FIA has created not only an incredible business resource, but a platform for immense creative collaboration where breakthrough ideas are born and implemented. Our unique group of staff and advisors each bring a fresh perspective to this open-minded, creative, revolutionary organization.

Although we have global and national fashion organizations, the FIA is unique in a sense that we were formed in the age of technology which had allowed us to customize our membership benefits to the much faster-paced fashion world of today. They are resources that cannot be found anywhere else because we are not just giving out information, but inspiring our members to inspire themselves.

We look forward to introducing these exciting membership benefits with our members in the upcoming year, as well as bringing Florida's fashion community together to support each other and grow through the platform that is Fashion Industry Association.

Happy Holidays!

Alma Vidovic
Fashion Industry Association


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